Kevin Murray

A non-friendly-face guy, 80/90s boxer who is kinda fan of trouble.

Name: Kevin Murrey Nature: Sociopath Generation: 13
Title: Demeanor: Sire:
Chronicle: Anarchs in LA Clan: Gangrel Concept: Outsider
Physical Social Mental
Strength: 3 Charisma: 3 Perception: 4
Dexterity: 5 Manipulation: 1 Intelligence: 1
Stamina: 2 Appearance: 2 Wits: 3
Talents Skills Knowledge
Alertness: 2 Animal Ken: 3 Investigation: 2
Athletics: 3 Firearms: 2 Medicine: 3
Brawl: 2 Security: 1 Occult: 1
Dodge: 3 Stealth: 2 Politics: 1
Intimidation: 1 Survival: 3
Streetwise: 3
Subterfuge: 2
Background Disciplines Virtues
Allies: 3 Animalism: 1 Conscience: 3
Mentor: 2 Protean: 2 Self-Control: 2
Courage: 5
Willpower Humanity
8 6

Player: Anderson


Back in the end of the 80s, a 22 years old middleweight boxer fights in New York for fame and glory. Despite he’s pretty tough on the ring and has achieved some status (it means MONEY), he’s not good enough to be a star. Living rounded by the biggest motherfuckers you can imagine, he starts using drugs and getting lost on his way. After months of constantly decay, his coach and sponsors kick him out of the spot. Addicted, completely lost and living on the streets, he had his “moment” when he meets a strange and pale guy in the middle of the night. The guy is Matheo Callegari, an italian guy who has been a boxing fan for a long time. Matheo knows Kevin and also thinks that he wasn’t born the live the life like that. Despite the fact that Kevin didn’t mean to live forever, Matheo gave him the Embrace, hoping that he might look for his glory and fame again since he now has got a really long “life” to do that.

Kevin has been living in LA for almost 2 years. Looking for freedom, status and maybe some trouble, an anarch city has been the perfect place for him.

Allies 3:
- George Kate: An old friend who claims to be a real clairvoyant. He has a good knowledge about occults and related.
- Julian Briggs: He’s a gun dealer and very influent criminal of LA. He owns Kevin some favours, so he helps him with weapons and information.
- Ariesan Gabriel: A gypsy from Romania. Since he’s a nomad, he knows a lot of places and people and might have some useful information to share.

Kevin Murray

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