Carole Lombard

Nospheratu, Former '30's movie star and in her mind still is despite the changing apperance.

Name: Carole Lombard Nature: Conformist Generation: 12
Title: Demeanor: Gallant Sire: Isabella Andrenini
Chronicle: Anarchs in La Clan: Nosferatu Concept:
Physical Social Mental
Strength: 1 Charisma: 3 Perception: 4
Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 4 Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 2 Appearance: 0 Wits: 3
Talents Skills Knowledge
Alertness: 2 Etiquette: 2 Computer: 2
Athletics: 2 Performance: 2 Finance: 2
Empathy: 3 Stealth: 2 Investigation: 3
Expression: 2 Survival: 2 Law: 1
Intimidation: 1 Linguistics: 2
Subterfuge: 2 Occult: 1
Politics: 2
Background Disciplines Virtues
Resources: 2 Potence: 2 Conscience: 3
Generation: 1 Obfuscate: 3 Self-Control: 4
Retainers: 1 Courage: 3
Allies: 1
Merits Flaws
False Reflection: 3 Sire’s Resentment -1
Enchanting Voice: 2 Deep Sleeper: -1
Enemy Brood: -3
Willpower Humanity Experiance
4 7 12

Player: Nine


Carole Lombard was born with the name Jane Alice Peters in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1908. Her parents, Frederick Peters and Elizabeth Knight, tried to hold up the picture of a harmonic family life, but when Jane was 8 her parents divorced and she moved with her mother to L.A.. Only four years later, Jane got her first role in “A Perfect Crime”.
Three years after her debut, she managed to take part in her first sound film in 1932. After some films, she got hired by Twentieth Century Studios and experienced her big breakthrough. She got nominated for an Academy Award for “My Man Godfrey” in 1936, now commonly known as Carole Lombard. All in all, she was born to play comedy. She tried to play some drama phase but flopped badly with that. Her last film from 1942, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, was very successful, but, unfortunately, this film by Alfred Hitchcock was published after Carole died by a plane accident. Her husband, Clark Gable, was devastated by this loss and never really recovered from it. If only he had known that the love of his life was not dead after all.

Isabella Andreini was a proud member of her clan. She herself was not what she expected to become after she got the offer to be embraced. She thought about unknown riches, eternal beauty and infinite means to convince people of her cause. But she was fooled. After years of a unthankful life as an ugly, monstrous bloodsucker, she came to know that it had been a game for her sire to embrace her before her competitor, a well-known Toreador. They both fought for the right to embrace a child, but when Isabella’s sire won the honor, she chose Isabella to offend the Toreador. In the end, Isabella became a member of the clan Nosferatu. It took some time for Isabella to accept her new self, but when she did, she grew fearsome dangerous.
Even before her new birth, Isabella was known for her efforts to fight for women’s rights. This was not easy in the years 1562–1604. Nonetheless she gave her best to improve the situation. She was a honored guest at courts and traveled a lot with her theater group (cf. This is important as after all those years in the 1940s she saw potential in a young woman who seemed to be interested in the same rights-movement, so Isabella presented herself to Carole.

02:21am, 9/15/1942, L.A., CA.

Carole Lombard sat comfortably on the sofa, while the strange lady poured them drinks. The other women had presented herself as Isabella Adreini. A strange name, even for Carole’s ears that were used to international company. Isabella was Carole’s height, but she seemed haggard. “Wine from Italy. I hope you will enjoy it.” Isabell’s voice was heavy with some European accent, which Carole could not assign to an area right away.
Carole eyed Isabell suspiciously as she spoke: “Thank you. Mmmh.. very sweet. But serving your expensive wine is hardly the reason why you invited me.”
Isabella smiled her sweetest smile, sweeter than any wine. “You are direct. They said as much about you.” Isabella took a sip of her wine. “You are here, because I see great potential in you. You and I, we are similar. We both feel the need to change the world.” Isabella paused, but Carole did not know what to make of that, so she kept quiet, waited. “You know, I was a actress once, too. No, you cannot have heard of me. My time is long past. I traveled through Europe and played at the most formidable stages. But I was meant for a greater fate. The world is now my stage and I am looking for someone joining me in the lead role. I have watched you for some time now.”
Carole shifted uncomfortably on her seat. What does she want? Is she flirting with me? But why does this feel so creepy then?
“You see, you don’t have much of a choice here. The choice was made for you the moment you drew my attention when we were introduced. I am sure you have questions…”
“Oh, yes! I want to know what this is all about!” Carole tried to ignore the goose bumps and act brave. “I want to leave now. I have enough of your crazy talk.” She stood up and walked to the door.
Carole had just laid her hand on the door knob, when Isabella appeared behind her, grabbed the human from behind, headlocking her. “Oh, my sweet child, you have no chance to escape now.” Isabella whispered softly in Carole’s ear. “Try not to fight it. It will make it worse, believe me. I am going to make you my newest child and you will make me so proud… so proud…”
The next and last thing Carole remembered from this evening, was the painful sucking at her neck and the ravenous hunger she felt through the veil that she will come to know as her beast.

04:14am, 01/10/1951, L.A., CA.

“Not again this lecture. I know… yeah, you want to save the world and I have to think of the future and if I do that now hopefully he will owe me a favor in a few decades…” Carole shook her head while she spoke, not even turning to face Isabella.
“Yes. But your behavior is not acceptable. I must really wonder what has happened. I am sure in a few months or years you will be grateful for my efforts to show you how to manipulate people.”
“Maybe. But your ways aren’t mine. And your idealistic ideas aren’t mine. We can’t change the world, why should we waste our time trying?”
“Be quiet, Child! You have no idea what you are talking about! I saw organisations come and fall many times! If we show persistence, we will achieve our goals eventually.” Isabella shouted at Carole.
“Yeah, right. I wonder when that will be…”
Isabella walked over to Carole and slapped her hard on the face.
“You will show respect! You are my child, never forget that! And now you will listen to what I order you to do. You know it is important and we have no choice, if we want to get what we want.”
What you want, you mean Carole thought, but did not dare to say it out loud. She learned to fear Isabella’s wrath. She had many disagreements with her sire lately. Isabella is an Ideologist, and she thinks that Carole believes in the same ideas. Unfortunately, after the first months of excitement, Carole is no longer interested in long-term goals that need years to ripen and promise little change to the world. For Carols still not vampiric sight of things a hundred years is too long a time to wait until you see the outcome of your doings.

23:28am, 04/12/1952, L.A., CA.

If she smells the rat, I am dead Carole was thinking over and over again. She had planned this well. A quick and thorough strike against Isabella. The operation started weeks before, she was the nicest, most obedient child a sire ever had. During that time she began to gather the thin bloods who will execute the important and dangerous part of this plan. If everything goes as planned, Isabella will never know that Carole was responsible for her ultimate death.
The last thing she will see is my concerned face and then she will die she thought happily. Tonight, everything will be over and I will be free.

To be continued…

Carole Lombard

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