• Ben Free

    Ben Free

    The chief philospher and supporter of the Anarch movement.
  • Cas


    Austrialian Spiritwalker/Mage
  • Diamond


    She has the appearance of a twelve year old girl with diamond flecks in her eyes. Her dress, poise and attitute resembles an old lady
  • Drake


    Former hard boiled poilce detetctive from the 1940's who went into the wrong house.
  • Father Jacob

    Father Jacob

    Bringing hope to the thin bloods
  • John Williams

    John Williams

    'Father' of Diamond
  • L'il B

    L'il B

    Angry goth and gangrel
  • Lady Emily

    Lady Emily

    cabert singer, talker of great lenght, swinging 20's
  • Margaret Williams

    Margaret Williams

    'Mother' of Diamond
  • Prince Ivan

    Prince Ivan

    Malkavian who embrases the film cliches of being a vampire with a flourish from his cape, as he strides around his home in the hollywood hills.
  • Sarah


    Human female, wannbe actress
  • The Butler

    The Butler

    The Butler for prince Ivan, who is commonly presumed to be a mage. He senses problems in the air.
  • The King

    The King

    Thinblood street gang leader
  • The brothers

    The brothers

    Malkavian's, brothers of prince Ivan. They practice combat with real sabers, plunging them into each other.
  • Third Eye

    Third Eye

    Thinblood seer, albino female