Anarchs in LA

UnLife goes on

The three meet are collected by Carole’s servant who collected Miguels car. They talk about confronting Father Jacob, but they don’t know what to say to him.

Diamond calls Christian to ask his advice. Her parents don’t want to talk to her. Social services have been contacted. Yes she can just wipe memories to solve the problem. She doesn’t want to do what she did in the past. Christian says that papers can be faked. He sounds knowledgeable and so is asked to help. He says that he knows generally, but not the specifics. He says he will help, not wanting to risk saying no. They drive to the parents house, Christian sends a text to Miguel asking for help. Miguel asks for details and refuses when he gets more info. Christian then reminds Diamond its 4 in the morning, now would not be a good time to visit. They turn around.

The three others have gone to the new shooting location and abandoned shopping mall and bowling center. Half the thin-bloods are here the other half are preparing the party. They talk to the producer whom they know from the Prince Ivans party. They haven’t had contact with them, he asks them to contact him if they see them. He also asks if the other vampire with the money is still around.

Miguel helps with the technical end. Carole helps with the acting. Miguel gets a call that the studio has burned down, where they were first filming. It could be a threat. Kevin gets a part in the film, beating up the protagonist in a dark alley. e has to do it a second time, this time with more violence.

The texts from Christian come.

The crew stop filming and Kevin Murray stays the night in the place. The thin-bloods leave for somewhere safer.

The group meets up in the necronomicon. They exchange news. Drake is sent the news as well. The prince calls asks them to go to a rehearsal for the party in two nights time. He describes it as a big cathartic moment for the vampires. The PC’s wonder if the Prince is being played? If this is in fact a big trap.

The Beast and crew comes in. Miguel gets his attention and advices him to be smart and subtle, the beast just wants to wipe them out and replies in a sneering way. After a verbal spar they break off.


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