Anarchs in LA

The Showdown part two

Miguel, Kevin Murray and L’il B retreat into the garden and look at the blob from outside. While The King, his four thugs, Third Eye and Father Jacob still holding Carole Lombard. The three humans the girlSarah who lives here and the two parents, Margaret Williams and John Williams hide at the side of the house in the garden.

The blob is moving, something is poking from inside and moving around. James takes aim at the blob, moves in with claws extended because the shot is difficult. Waves of blackness has been coming out, if they roll over a vampire they also start to sweat old blood. The waves pushes out the bounds of the blackness. Kevin swipes blob with his claws, releasing a huge wave of black inky substance. Again the waves pushes out the bounds of the blackness into the neighbourhood beyond. A surreal landscape is visible through the haze. Then collapses in cutting out most of the garden.

Then Kevin warns he is about to shoot the blob. Father Jacob calls out NOO! JAmes shoots from point blank range. A scream is heard as the blob explodes out releasing all the dark material. All the vampires are engulfed and have to resist against the substance. The thinblood thugs fail to resist and become blobs themselves. Li’l B has a bad fever a partially swells up.

The force of the out pouring tears apart the bubble and reveals the surreal landscape. From stories they realise they are in the umbra and have no idea how to leave. The intergroup standoff is all but gone as the significance of what happened sinks in.

Diamond is a shocked naked and very scared naked girl lying on the floor. She thinks she is in a bad dream and notices that the creatures around her are not breathing. Carole tries to comfort her, after she has crouched up against the wall. James gives his jacket to cover her. She says her name is Aksash, she remembers going to sleep in her bedroom. Her father is a governor for a province in Sumaria. She asks if to see will see them again. Carole says maybe. Miguel goes out to get her new ‘parents’. Sarah has remembered what happened at Prince Ivans party and is telling Margaret and John. Miguel explains what happened, they come in, Margaret bathes her, while Sarah gets her some clothes.

The group are speculating about what happened to them. A voice from outside says, ‘You are in the Umbra’. They see a weatherbeaten face in rustic cloths that speaks with an Australian accent. He introduces himself as Cas. He goes out with James and Miguel to survey the area. They find bits of blackness spread out over the ground. Cas explains that in this area normally you have to exchange on thing for another. Kevin asks what he wants. Cas says he will do this for nothing. He gathers up the blackness by walking around in circles and pushes it all in, until it builds up and finishes its cycle by imploding in on itself and sending them back to the material plane.

It is now morning, the vampires run to the bedroom which has its curtains drawn. Diamond is taken away by the three humans. Third eye leaves with the now human thugs. The king and Father Jacob stays inside. His holy nature has been torn from him. They are all down to one pint of blood. Miguel calls his herd to feed. The herd find Li’l B hiding inside the breakfastbar.

At night Drake calls them and they agree to meet-up at the The Necronomicon for a debrief. They bring Father Jacob with them, they convince the King he should join the rest of the thinbloods and find out what really is going on. Miguels car is not there, he wants to steal a car. Carole insists they call a cab.

They debrief drake.


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