Anarchs in LA

Its only a dress rehersal part3

Kevin Murray again fights the vampire with his claws out again. Miguel tries to push the crystal off and onto the old vampire. The crystal is well emm]bedded in the stone, refusing to budge. He calls up Carole Lombard, who gives a hand, but only manage to slightly shift it. James fights really well against the vampire constantly doing damage while taking little in return.

The lady of the pure heart is pushed through with the ring around her as the defensive line collapses. She is lifted up the the crustal which is now glowing. She reaches out and a section of the crystal opens up. The heart comes out without being held, she brings her hand over her chest and somewhere in the glow the heart is returned to her body.

Miguel jumps down off the pedestal and crouches down to escape whatever is going to happen next. She explodes into light and all the vampires feel a warm glow around them but don’t burn. Then the world goes dark and it seems somewhere the credits are rolling. They seem to be stuck in limbo for awhile. This fades an the yard look ordinary. Prince Ivan comes out to congratulate them. At the same time the Giovanni and the now unveiled Harbinger of Skulls stands their without the movie disguise. Miguel points out to Prince Ivan that a fight is about to kick off. A white van comes skidding into the yard, its side door open and Ak47’s visible. Most of those present flee to the factory.

Prince Ivan gives a speech about catharsis, healing and unity now that the cause of the problems has been uncovered. In the background gunfire, the cry of grenade is heard. Miguel points out that the Camarilla Justicar is among the full bloods. Prince Ivan tells her to begone. She complies and a few kindred leave with her. As a measure of the change he announces that thinbloods will be allowed in the Necronomicon, then mumbles something about having to say it to the owner as well.

Miguel goes to have a look outside as the fight dies down. He is in time to see the Giovanni being decapitated by the bloodied Sabbat survivors. He then goes to make a rousing speech to finish them off. While not full trusting each other they charge out. The two on guard return shoot at Miguel. The wounded are loaded into the van that has pulled along side the fighters. More then fire from the van.

Kevin goes off to the side to stop the driver. He tries to pull it open, but is resisted. On the otherside a full auto barrage is fired that sends the charging horde to the ground. The passenger tell the driver to duck down and Kevin ducks down. The van is loaded up and takes off, but the door swings open. With a deft movement Kevin moves around as the door swings open and launches himself at the driver, sinking in his claws and dragging him out. They roll on the ground. The passenger takes over the driver and after taking pressing down on the clutch, takes the van takes off. Some gangrel have clawed there way onto the side of the van, but are shot off by close range fire from within.

Afterward carole is brought closer to the core of the Nosferatu becuase of her valuable info about the Umbra. She know has access to more information. She tells them she has found information on the history of Prince Ivan but has more to do. Miguel is now has hero status for his role in the combat. Drake is happy to take a step back from the limelight. Kevin has gone from stranger to well known kindred in LA. The three of them are now firmly established as part of the core Anarch contingent in the city.


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