Anarchs in LA

Its only a dress rehersal part2

They enter the mansion after talking to the the Giovanni. They are given compliments for their costumes which can be compared to the old photo of the first ball one hundred years previous. In the ballroom they anticipate what will happen next. The lady in black is to one side of the room surrounded by her bodyguards. While the Giovanni mingle with the crowd. They have an invitation for the ‘Grand Ball of Victory’. The Pc’s go to meet the woman and ask her name. She tells them she is the ‘Lady of the pure heart’. Which earns a barley presupposed snigger from Kevin Murray. She thanks for their actions in the past, but doesn’t go into details.

The old man who introduced the new noble comes out on the balcony again and greets the people and gives a speech about how good things have been. The old noble comes out but doesn’t say anything. The group of fighters become tense, poised for action.

The old noble leaves the balcony, as the band is playing and people have returned to dancing. The group of fighters leave through the same door the couple left in Nos. The old vampire is coming down the corridor with backup. The PC’s see a door to Nos on their periphery of vision. It is touched and they all enter. Inside the same corridor, they find the couple and the vampire in the room. After viewing the husband trying to stand off against the vampire they barge in. After being told this is none of their business, Kevin draws his claws that become extended, casting a long shadow beyond their normal size. The vampire flees from the window and turns into a bat. The couple leave to find safety in their home.

An image for blade appears and they are in a library where the thinbloods are taking refuge as the door is being beaten down. The large bay windows look out on the driveway that goes around the house and guarded cars parked alongside.Miguel casts an illusion to make it look like he is throwing incendiaries. Others join in throwing objects at the same time. Then as the fire appears to engulf the cars the break out happens. Carole who was hiding makes a last second escape as the old vampires followers rush the room. They drive away with moments to spare.

They arrive at an abandoned factory and get a window to Nos which they take. In front the couple are escaping into the functioning victorian factory from one side and the vampire comes from the other. They enter the factory after them and try to stop the vampire catching up with the couple. In the steam, large moving parts and deep shadows they engage in a game of cat and mouse. The vampire reaches the exit that blocks the escape. Again Kevin steps up to the plate and sends the vampire into flight. A chanting intertitle has been placed. They go into the space beyond and find Gypsies performing a ritual around a large standing crystal. The wife joins the ceremony. The husband gasps in horror as the head gypsy pulls out a knife. Miguel pulls his gun and shoots at her. She sees and dodges, then stabs the woman into the chest and puts the heart into the crystal.

They see a window to Blade and join the fight as the vampire and his follows have a defensive wall around the crystal which is now on a high pedestal. The Giovanni have arrived and sent their ghouls into the fight. Jonas multiplies himself and James with an illusion and joins the charge to break the line. James faces off against the vampire while Miguel climbs up onto the pedestal.


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