Anarchs in LA

Its only a dress rehersal (part 1)

At the The Necronomicon, Carole Lombard, Drake, Father Jacob, Kevin Murray and Miguel are continuing the meeting. Jacob tells them he worked for the Giovanni and had a spirit of a priest bound to him. His job was to cause trouble among the anarchists to stop so the Giovanni could establish a base in LA. Diamond was targeted to throw the kindred off-balance but it back fired. He doesn’t know what is going on with the Samedi. He is exiled from LA by Drake as punishment.

Carole goes home and gets an email from the film nerd. He has moved becuase of his safety. He sends examples of posters of the actor that may be Prince Ivan. The film poster for the movie which burned down is held by the wealthy collector in Beverly Hills. Since that movie was never released its very rare.

Carole returns to the necronomicon. In the carpark she meets Cas, who tells her that a dark spirit form is in the area, along with some lesser forms. He thinks what ever process should have happened was disrupted. More are coming and Cas fears what will happen next. Back in the bar a call comes from an associate of Prince Ivan. Diamond is having nightmares. They are reluctant to get invovled.

Awhile later the limo arrives to take them to the dress rehearsal for the party. They are given victorian clothes to dress in. They are taken to an industrial area where arc lights, a red carpet, a crowd and TV crew await them. They notice the crowd are thinbloods, homeless, drug-addicts etc. Carole is ecstatic to be at a premier again. They are interviewed by the crew and asked what it is like to co-star in the film. The entrance is decorated like a cinema from the 1950’s. Prince Ivan meets them, gives them the speech about each movie has to move towards its conclusion or their lives are forfeit. Also in one of they will have limited inter-titles. Then he takes out a smoke bomb, throws it to ground and runs away.

There are two screens, Blade v Nos. They go into the Blade cinema, the house lights are on in the 90’s styled theater. Nothing happens so they go into the Nos screen. The door swings shut to the silent era cinema. The orchestra pit has skeletal musicians playing in a jerky fashion. The screen jumped out in front of them in time to the music. On screen people are approaching a big mansion. There is a yellow tint to indicate its daylight. Once they are enveloped by the screen they are in front of the mansion. Carole’s mask drops inside, she has to put it back up.

They have a invitation card for ‘the grand ball of the old blood’. When they speak they understand the inter-titles are numbered from ten down. The couple who went away and invited the old noble is celebrated. Hanging at the back are the three Giovanni and their ghouls. Red face is here, people comment that he must have been injured in a factory accident. In the lobby they have their picture taken. In the ballroom the old noble comes down, they get a glimpse of how he really looks, worms in his eyes etc. A distinguished old man gives a speech welcoming. The wife of the couple freaks out and is taken out by her husband. The PC’s try to go up the stairs, it is blocked by two footmen. They have no way to sneak around. Eventually they follow the couple into a corridor and see the old vampire coming down.

The scene fades and they are back in the cinema lobby. They go into the Blade screening. Their names are in the credits. The screen jumps forward with the beat of the electro sound track. Back in at the front of the mansion, it is daylight, but they do not burn. It is modern day, so most of the guests are dressed in retro victorian, some with steampunk, of punk variations. A lady dressed in black with thinblood bodyguards approach. Again at the back are the Giovanni who say they came to attack the vampire who was after them, but became trapped in this game. They approach the mansion.


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