Anarchs in LA

Are you cops?

Ignorance is bliss

They walk into the house and get the attention of the party goers because they stand out, ie they don’t look like drug addicts. Its hard to tell who is a thin blood and who is an addict or who is both from looks alone. They are asked if they want to buy drugs which they reply no. They are asked if they are cops, they deny that. They still don’t want to get involved, so someone yells cops.

Three armed men come out the room at the end of the corridor and Miguel dives into a side room. They get very aggressive and demand he comes out. They are on the verge of shooting them. Miguel comes out. They ask lots more questions including, are you cops?

They are taken to see the king who sits on a throne. They have a long conversation and again they are asked, are they cops. They are getting a bit annoyed at the question this time. He is arrogant, cocky and feels like he is king of the hill. With these powers and the help from the master they will take over the neighborhood. They don’t know anything about vampires and believes that his street smarts are no match for this master.
A girl awakens beside the throne, she is an albino and issues prophesies about vampires. Says they are friends with the old girl who blurs the lines between worlds. The kings master has a holy shadow on his back. He says he doesn’t know any priest vampire. The PC’s try to warn him of the dangers, but he pays them no heed.

They leave, see a humvee drive up the street with vampires. George ‘the beast’ Eastman tells them he wants to kill all thin-bloods. Its time to put aside talking among the vampires and take action. He has an assault rifle. Beside him is another vampire, a female with black hair, who doesn’t identify herself. He says their are more vampires on the way.

Drake is called who pulls a favor with a cop he knows, also calls Red Face. The woman in the car gets out, goes behind the houses to scout the gang house. Carole Lombard uses her obfuscation and watches her.

The cops arrive, one young one old. The young one is nervous because they are not on duty. The old cops knocks on the door, tells them to keep the sound down and they the two leave in a hurry. The humvee has gone down another street to wait for backup. As the PC’s leave they see a vampire whom they presume to be Red Face talking to them.


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