Anarchs in LA

Its only a dress rehersal part3

Kevin Murray again fights the vampire with his claws out again. Miguel tries to push the crystal off and onto the old vampire. The crystal is well emm]bedded in the stone, refusing to budge. He calls up Carole Lombard, who gives a hand, but only manage to slightly shift it. James fights really well against the vampire constantly doing damage while taking little in return.

The lady of the pure heart is pushed through with the ring around her as the defensive line collapses. She is lifted up the the crustal which is now glowing. She reaches out and a section of the crystal opens up. The heart comes out without being held, she brings her hand over her chest and somewhere in the glow the heart is returned to her body.

Miguel jumps down off the pedestal and crouches down to escape whatever is going to happen next. She explodes into light and all the vampires feel a warm glow around them but don’t burn. Then the world goes dark and it seems somewhere the credits are rolling. They seem to be stuck in limbo for awhile. This fades an the yard look ordinary. Prince Ivan comes out to congratulate them. At the same time the Giovanni and the now unveiled Harbinger of Skulls stands their without the movie disguise. Miguel points out to Prince Ivan that a fight is about to kick off. A white van comes skidding into the yard, its side door open and Ak47’s visible. Most of those present flee to the factory.

Prince Ivan gives a speech about catharsis, healing and unity now that the cause of the problems has been uncovered. In the background gunfire, the cry of grenade is heard. Miguel points out that the Camarilla Justicar is among the full bloods. Prince Ivan tells her to begone. She complies and a few kindred leave with her. As a measure of the change he announces that thinbloods will be allowed in the Necronomicon, then mumbles something about having to say it to the owner as well.

Miguel goes to have a look outside as the fight dies down. He is in time to see the Giovanni being decapitated by the bloodied Sabbat survivors. He then goes to make a rousing speech to finish them off. While not full trusting each other they charge out. The two on guard return shoot at Miguel. The wounded are loaded into the van that has pulled along side the fighters. More then fire from the van.

Kevin goes off to the side to stop the driver. He tries to pull it open, but is resisted. On the otherside a full auto barrage is fired that sends the charging horde to the ground. The passenger tell the driver to duck down and Kevin ducks down. The van is loaded up and takes off, but the door swings open. With a deft movement Kevin moves around as the door swings open and launches himself at the driver, sinking in his claws and dragging him out. They roll on the ground. The passenger takes over the driver and after taking pressing down on the clutch, takes the van takes off. Some gangrel have clawed there way onto the side of the van, but are shot off by close range fire from within.

Afterward carole is brought closer to the core of the Nosferatu becuase of her valuable info about the Umbra. She know has access to more information. She tells them she has found information on the history of Prince Ivan but has more to do. Miguel is now has hero status for his role in the combat. Drake is happy to take a step back from the limelight. Kevin has gone from stranger to well known kindred in LA. The three of them are now firmly established as part of the core Anarch contingent in the city.

Its only a dress rehersal part2

They enter the mansion after talking to the the Giovanni. They are given compliments for their costumes which can be compared to the old photo of the first ball one hundred years previous. In the ballroom they anticipate what will happen next. The lady in black is to one side of the room surrounded by her bodyguards. While the Giovanni mingle with the crowd. They have an invitation for the ‘Grand Ball of Victory’. The Pc’s go to meet the woman and ask her name. She tells them she is the ‘Lady of the pure heart’. Which earns a barley presupposed snigger from Kevin Murray. She thanks for their actions in the past, but doesn’t go into details.

The old man who introduced the new noble comes out on the balcony again and greets the people and gives a speech about how good things have been. The old noble comes out but doesn’t say anything. The group of fighters become tense, poised for action.

The old noble leaves the balcony, as the band is playing and people have returned to dancing. The group of fighters leave through the same door the couple left in Nos. The old vampire is coming down the corridor with backup. The PC’s see a door to Nos on their periphery of vision. It is touched and they all enter. Inside the same corridor, they find the couple and the vampire in the room. After viewing the husband trying to stand off against the vampire they barge in. After being told this is none of their business, Kevin draws his claws that become extended, casting a long shadow beyond their normal size. The vampire flees from the window and turns into a bat. The couple leave to find safety in their home.

An image for blade appears and they are in a library where the thinbloods are taking refuge as the door is being beaten down. The large bay windows look out on the driveway that goes around the house and guarded cars parked alongside.Miguel casts an illusion to make it look like he is throwing incendiaries. Others join in throwing objects at the same time. Then as the fire appears to engulf the cars the break out happens. Carole who was hiding makes a last second escape as the old vampires followers rush the room. They drive away with moments to spare.

They arrive at an abandoned factory and get a window to Nos which they take. In front the couple are escaping into the functioning victorian factory from one side and the vampire comes from the other. They enter the factory after them and try to stop the vampire catching up with the couple. In the steam, large moving parts and deep shadows they engage in a game of cat and mouse. The vampire reaches the exit that blocks the escape. Again Kevin steps up to the plate and sends the vampire into flight. A chanting intertitle has been placed. They go into the space beyond and find Gypsies performing a ritual around a large standing crystal. The wife joins the ceremony. The husband gasps in horror as the head gypsy pulls out a knife. Miguel pulls his gun and shoots at her. She sees and dodges, then stabs the woman into the chest and puts the heart into the crystal.

They see a window to Blade and join the fight as the vampire and his follows have a defensive wall around the crystal which is now on a high pedestal. The Giovanni have arrived and sent their ghouls into the fight. Jonas multiplies himself and James with an illusion and joins the charge to break the line. James faces off against the vampire while Miguel climbs up onto the pedestal.

Its only a dress rehersal (part 1)

At the The Necronomicon, Carole Lombard, Drake, Father Jacob, Kevin Murray and Miguel are continuing the meeting. Jacob tells them he worked for the Giovanni and had a spirit of a priest bound to him. His job was to cause trouble among the anarchists to stop so the Giovanni could establish a base in LA. Diamond was targeted to throw the kindred off-balance but it back fired. He doesn’t know what is going on with the Samedi. He is exiled from LA by Drake as punishment.

Carole goes home and gets an email from the film nerd. He has moved becuase of his safety. He sends examples of posters of the actor that may be Prince Ivan. The film poster for the movie which burned down is held by the wealthy collector in Beverly Hills. Since that movie was never released its very rare.

Carole returns to the necronomicon. In the carpark she meets Cas, who tells her that a dark spirit form is in the area, along with some lesser forms. He thinks what ever process should have happened was disrupted. More are coming and Cas fears what will happen next. Back in the bar a call comes from an associate of Prince Ivan. Diamond is having nightmares. They are reluctant to get invovled.

Awhile later the limo arrives to take them to the dress rehearsal for the party. They are given victorian clothes to dress in. They are taken to an industrial area where arc lights, a red carpet, a crowd and TV crew await them. They notice the crowd are thinbloods, homeless, drug-addicts etc. Carole is ecstatic to be at a premier again. They are interviewed by the crew and asked what it is like to co-star in the film. The entrance is decorated like a cinema from the 1950’s. Prince Ivan meets them, gives them the speech about each movie has to move towards its conclusion or their lives are forfeit. Also in one of they will have limited inter-titles. Then he takes out a smoke bomb, throws it to ground and runs away.

There are two screens, Blade v Nos. They go into the Blade cinema, the house lights are on in the 90’s styled theater. Nothing happens so they go into the Nos screen. The door swings shut to the silent era cinema. The orchestra pit has skeletal musicians playing in a jerky fashion. The screen jumped out in front of them in time to the music. On screen people are approaching a big mansion. There is a yellow tint to indicate its daylight. Once they are enveloped by the screen they are in front of the mansion. Carole’s mask drops inside, she has to put it back up.

They have a invitation card for ‘the grand ball of the old blood’. When they speak they understand the inter-titles are numbered from ten down. The couple who went away and invited the old noble is celebrated. Hanging at the back are the three Giovanni and their ghouls. Red face is here, people comment that he must have been injured in a factory accident. In the lobby they have their picture taken. In the ballroom the old noble comes down, they get a glimpse of how he really looks, worms in his eyes etc. A distinguished old man gives a speech welcoming. The wife of the couple freaks out and is taken out by her husband. The PC’s try to go up the stairs, it is blocked by two footmen. They have no way to sneak around. Eventually they follow the couple into a corridor and see the old vampire coming down.

The scene fades and they are back in the cinema lobby. They go into the Blade screening. Their names are in the credits. The screen jumps forward with the beat of the electro sound track. Back in at the front of the mansion, it is daylight, but they do not burn. It is modern day, so most of the guests are dressed in retro victorian, some with steampunk, of punk variations. A lady dressed in black with thinblood bodyguards approach. Again at the back are the Giovanni who say they came to attack the vampire who was after them, but became trapped in this game. They approach the mansion.

The Showdown part two

Miguel, Kevin Murray and L’il B retreat into the garden and look at the blob from outside. While The King, his four thugs, Third Eye and Father Jacob still holding Carole Lombard. The three humans the girlSarah who lives here and the two parents, Margaret Williams and John Williams hide at the side of the house in the garden.

The blob is moving, something is poking from inside and moving around. James takes aim at the blob, moves in with claws extended because the shot is difficult. Waves of blackness has been coming out, if they roll over a vampire they also start to sweat old blood. The waves pushes out the bounds of the blackness. Kevin swipes blob with his claws, releasing a huge wave of black inky substance. Again the waves pushes out the bounds of the blackness into the neighbourhood beyond. A surreal landscape is visible through the haze. Then collapses in cutting out most of the garden.

Then Kevin warns he is about to shoot the blob. Father Jacob calls out NOO! JAmes shoots from point blank range. A scream is heard as the blob explodes out releasing all the dark material. All the vampires are engulfed and have to resist against the substance. The thinblood thugs fail to resist and become blobs themselves. Li’l B has a bad fever a partially swells up.

The force of the out pouring tears apart the bubble and reveals the surreal landscape. From stories they realise they are in the umbra and have no idea how to leave. The intergroup standoff is all but gone as the significance of what happened sinks in.

Diamond is a shocked naked and very scared naked girl lying on the floor. She thinks she is in a bad dream and notices that the creatures around her are not breathing. Carole tries to comfort her, after she has crouched up against the wall. James gives his jacket to cover her. She says her name is Aksash, she remembers going to sleep in her bedroom. Her father is a governor for a province in Sumaria. She asks if to see will see them again. Carole says maybe. Miguel goes out to get her new ‘parents’. Sarah has remembered what happened at Prince Ivans party and is telling Margaret and John. Miguel explains what happened, they come in, Margaret bathes her, while Sarah gets her some clothes.

The group are speculating about what happened to them. A voice from outside says, ‘You are in the Umbra’. They see a weatherbeaten face in rustic cloths that speaks with an Australian accent. He introduces himself as Cas. He goes out with James and Miguel to survey the area. They find bits of blackness spread out over the ground. Cas explains that in this area normally you have to exchange on thing for another. Kevin asks what he wants. Cas says he will do this for nothing. He gathers up the blackness by walking around in circles and pushes it all in, until it builds up and finishes its cycle by imploding in on itself and sending them back to the material plane.

It is now morning, the vampires run to the bedroom which has its curtains drawn. Diamond is taken away by the three humans. Third eye leaves with the now human thugs. The king and Father Jacob stays inside. His holy nature has been torn from him. They are all down to one pint of blood. Miguel calls his herd to feed. The herd find Li’l B hiding inside the breakfastbar.

At night Drake calls them and they agree to meet-up at the The Necronomicon for a debrief. They bring Father Jacob with them, they convince the King he should join the rest of the thinbloods and find out what really is going on. Miguels car is not there, he wants to steal a car. Carole insists they call a cab.

They debrief drake.

The showdown part one

Carole Lombard, Kevin Murray, Miguel and L’il B head down in the valley, to the house where the party girl lives. They park across the road and try to determine if Diamond had arrived yet. Their are light on but the curtains are closed.

Carole goes to the front door and knocks. She is taken in by the King and brought to the kitchen where she meets Diamond and the girl. The kitchen is in two sections. The first is the cooking area and the dining area which is separated by a breakfast bar. Diamond is on the inside, while the girl is hiding under the dinning table.

Diamond is sweating blood and is shaking slightly. The king demands that he be treated with respect and he has kidnapped these them to show he is not a person to be messed with. He demands Carole call the prince to so that a deal can be worked out. She gets out her phone and calls drake, briefs him as best she can and hands the phone over. She then talks to Diamond who doesn’t seem to be aware of what is happening to her. The King is satisfied with what he is being told. He then asks Carole if she came alone. While what she says sounds true, he sends out two men to have a look around. One has a pistol, the other an Uzi. Meanwhile the King sends gets a call, he tells them to come in.

Outside Miguel and James are hiding behind their car and Li’l B is in a garden hidden in shadow. The two are spotted by the patrol and Miguel throws up an illusion of five other vampires with guns. One falls for it and fires the other doesn’t and warns his companion. Uzi guy gets shot by all three, so the other goes behind him, props him up as cover, grabs his uzi and unleashes a full clip. Miguel suffers two minor wounds. He then dives to avoid return fire and uses celerity to race back to the house.

The three go into the garden from the side to spy on the house. While in the back they hear people coming from the garden behind this one. They let them come over and see Diamonds parents come over, with a thinblood in front and behind. Who go into the house.

Diamond freaks out that her parents are here and her condition becomes worse. The father gets the king to hand over a bottle of whiskey and they sit with the girl and share the drink.

The three outside hear sounds in the back and find Father Jacob with a thinblood hiding. He claims he is here to warn them he doesn’t represent these thinbloods and just came here to talk. Miguel tells him to talk to the King, but Father Jacob ignores that.

Inside Diamond swells up, clutching herself she turns into a blob and falls to the ground with a squishy splat. Soon after the guard at the front notices that the outside street cannot be seen anymore and after that others notice they no longer have cell phone signal. Third eye the girl with insight says that they have entered the in between place that Diamond had been on the edge of. Like going across the river Styx. What was on the other side was unknown. The king orders a retreat to escape from the place.

Outside the three follow in behind and find the oozing blob and smell the dark fetid blood that leaks from it. They go around the side and tell Father Jacob what is happening. He says it feel more like a mages work than a vampires. The three then go around to confront the gang. Two are sent to get Father Jacob and his bodyguard. They come back with Father Jacob who is recognized as the Master who has been guiding the King. Miguel questions Father Jacob who gives his standard answer about giving aid to to the thinblood so they can secure there future.

The master takes control and orders the three to get out of their sight, out gunned they obey.

Bad news ping pong

Still at the bar, Carole Lombard, [[:miguel | Miguel] and Kevin Murray finish up their meeting with Drake. They notice that the woman seen with ‘the Beast’ is not with the group in the bar. Some patrons are leaving while the group is being rowdy. They go over options on what to do next. They talk about dealing with the cop/hunter and drawing him out, would need something big. Or set them up to clash with ‘the Beast’. Decide to follow up on the names Carole received from Li’l B. From the notes they see that ones address is in Beverly Hills, is a shop on Hollywood Blvd and a private residence.

At the shop they realize they have no experience in breaking and entering. They then go to the residential area. Carole goes to the house and talks to a suspicious man by claiming his name was passed on by a mutual friend and that she wants to get advice in finding a poster for her sisters birthday. Eventually he comes outside to talk, he says that the description and the vampire film information sounds familiar. He will look it up. Could be from a studio that burned down. One of many small studios that were around at the time. Also mentions an aggressive woman came to talk a few days earlier, asking similar questions. Carole expresses shock.

He takes a look at her again and says that he see a resemblance to a the film star Carole Lombard. Carole expresses shock and surprise. He takes out a camera, she covers her face. She asks to do her hair in the bathroom, in there she slightly alters appearance.

In the car Miguels phone rings, a thin-blood passes on a message from Fr.Jacob. An archon from the Camerilla has been seen with the full blood group. She is described as a black haired woman.

Carole comes back, they exchange information, Carole asks if he has called Drake, he says he plans to, pauses, sighs, makes the phone call. They discuss what it could mean, possibly a wedge is being driven through the Anarchs. Miguel asks if Drake has any bad news, he doesn’t.

The film nerd, emerges from his house and past the car walking. Carole follows. Around a corner sees Li’l B confronting the guy. He tries to get away so Li’l B jumps him. Carole calls Miguel. The car comes around and they see her arm around the guy. Miguel tells her to get in the car, she refuses. Kevin gets out and grabs her jacket. Li’l B does a hand chop at his elbows, breaks the hold and the guy runs away. The two fight, no one gets the upper hand. Carole follows the nerd. James pulls his gun and shoots Li’l B in the leg. Then tells her to get in the car. She grudgingly does.

Carole runs along the gardens and obfuscated. He hears the gunshot, runs faster, stops, panting, hears the sound of being followed and runs again. Then trips and falls. Pats himself down and notices that something is missing, walks on.

Back in the car Carole tries to convince Li’l B to play nice, but she remains belligerent. Claiming by her standards she played nice. After some talking Carole shares her information and then Li’l B says the shop has a fire safe upstairs with the owners personal collection. Then she hands a note found on the nerd which has a list of names. The first is Gustav Schrodinger and then some others.

They head back to Carole’s haven, she plans on doing more research online. They discuss what might be going on, a pattern is emerging. This could be a plot from the Camerilla to split the Anarchs down the middle. With the archon and someone else on the otherside brewing up tension. Miguel first thought it might be Fr. Jacob, but changed his mind after the revelations.

Drake calls, revising his statement about not having bad news. A major fire has broken out in the area at the sabbat address given by Red Face. Now they question whose side he is on. There is only a handful of people they can trust. Drake says they need a PR victory to give vampires something to stand behind, since most are staying out of trouble, Miguel agrees.

Near the house Diamond calls Carole. She is beside herself, the King of the night has called her to say he kidnapped the girl from the party. Carole tries to convince her to stay at home, but she breaks down again and walks away from the phone.

Miguel calls Drake, joking about the bad news ping-pong. He will call around and get help.

UnLife goes on

The three meet are collected by Carole’s servant who collected Miguels car. They talk about confronting Father Jacob, but they don’t know what to say to him.

Diamond calls Christian to ask his advice. Her parents don’t want to talk to her. Social services have been contacted. Yes she can just wipe memories to solve the problem. She doesn’t want to do what she did in the past. Christian says that papers can be faked. He sounds knowledgeable and so is asked to help. He says that he knows generally, but not the specifics. He says he will help, not wanting to risk saying no. They drive to the parents house, Christian sends a text to Miguel asking for help. Miguel asks for details and refuses when he gets more info. Christian then reminds Diamond its 4 in the morning, now would not be a good time to visit. They turn around.

The three others have gone to the new shooting location and abandoned shopping mall and bowling center. Half the thin-bloods are here the other half are preparing the party. They talk to the producer whom they know from the Prince Ivans party. They haven’t had contact with them, he asks them to contact him if they see them. He also asks if the other vampire with the money is still around.

Miguel helps with the technical end. Carole helps with the acting. Miguel gets a call that the studio has burned down, where they were first filming. It could be a threat. Kevin gets a part in the film, beating up the protagonist in a dark alley. e has to do it a second time, this time with more violence.

The texts from Christian come.

The crew stop filming and Kevin Murray stays the night in the place. The thin-bloods leave for somewhere safer.

The group meets up in the necronomicon. They exchange news. Drake is sent the news as well. The prince calls asks them to go to a rehearsal for the party in two nights time. He describes it as a big cathartic moment for the vampires. The PC’s wonder if the Prince is being played? If this is in fact a big trap.

The Beast and crew comes in. Miguel gets his attention and advices him to be smart and subtle, the beast just wants to wipe them out and replies in a sneering way. After a verbal spar they break off.

Are you cops?
Ignorance is bliss

They walk into the house and get the attention of the party goers because they stand out, ie they don’t look like drug addicts. Its hard to tell who is a thin blood and who is an addict or who is both from looks alone. They are asked if they want to buy drugs which they reply no. They are asked if they are cops, they deny that. They still don’t want to get involved, so someone yells cops.

Three armed men come out the room at the end of the corridor and Miguel dives into a side room. They get very aggressive and demand he comes out. They are on the verge of shooting them. Miguel comes out. They ask lots more questions including, are you cops?

They are taken to see the king who sits on a throne. They have a long conversation and again they are asked, are they cops. They are getting a bit annoyed at the question this time. He is arrogant, cocky and feels like he is king of the hill. With these powers and the help from the master they will take over the neighborhood. They don’t know anything about vampires and believes that his street smarts are no match for this master.
A girl awakens beside the throne, she is an albino and issues prophesies about vampires. Says they are friends with the old girl who blurs the lines between worlds. The kings master has a holy shadow on his back. He says he doesn’t know any priest vampire. The PC’s try to warn him of the dangers, but he pays them no heed.

They leave, see a humvee drive up the street with vampires. George ‘the beast’ Eastman tells them he wants to kill all thin-bloods. Its time to put aside talking among the vampires and take action. He has an assault rifle. Beside him is another vampire, a female with black hair, who doesn’t identify herself. He says their are more vampires on the way.

Drake is called who pulls a favor with a cop he knows, also calls Red Face. The woman in the car gets out, goes behind the houses to scout the gang house. Carole Lombard uses her obfuscation and watches her.

The cops arrive, one young one old. The young one is nervous because they are not on duty. The old cops knocks on the door, tells them to keep the sound down and they the two leave in a hurry. The humvee has gone down another street to wait for backup. As the PC’s leave they see a vampire whom they presume to be Red Face talking to them.

Thin-blood trouble

Carole Lombard, Miguel and Kevin Murray make plans for the evening. Carole arranges to meet the three Nos from the party who asked her to investigate the origins of Prince Ivan. While Kevin and Miguel go to meet an illegal arms trader. Miguel asks about armour. The seller Julian Briggs has bulky kevlar vest, can order special Columbian cloths made from kevlar that offers protection from hand guns. James buys a .45 revolver.

At the Griffith Observatory on a grass verge, over looking the main city Carole meets the three Nos. She reports what has been happening. They are concerned about Diamonds behaviour. They tell her that a place for the party and another to resume filming. The second venue is a cover for the preparations. The gangrel are providing protection for the thin-bloods doing the set up. Some thin-bloods are protesting about bad threatment, others are taking up the sense of responsibility. While some full bloods wants to stop the movement and go back to killing them off. The Sabbat behaviour is concerning the Nos as its strategic and political, very unlike Sabbat typical behaviour. Also tells she that Drake is pissed off at Miguel for not telling him about the gunfire.

Drake calls Miguel and asks him about the previous nights events and then asks about the gunfire. Miguel remembers that he didn’t mention that parts and says to much was happening. Drake gives him a task, that would have worked off one of his favours, but since he wasn’t told and had to cover up the events without knowing the full story. The thinbloods have warned about a group who are a threat.

They bring back Diamonds car. Get a cab down to the address in South central, meanwhile Caroles servant is sent to collect Miguels car. Outside the house in a run down area, a party is happening. Music and lights are a contrast to the otherwise quiet area. They go to enter the house…

Diamond's eyes are crying

Carole Lombard, Miguel and [[:christian-blair | Christian Blair]are at the The Necronomicon, discussing previous events.

Outside L’il B arrives with a fellow gangrel Kevin Murray. Thin-bloods outside are protesting at being denied entrance to the club. Kevin stays outside, until he is told he can enter by a bouncer. Upstairs Li’l B introduces Kevin to the group telling him Carole and Miguel are Prince Ivans enforcers. She continues to live up to her name of bitch and is generally insulting to the group.

Miguel and Carole’s phone ring at the same time, the distant voice is Diamonds. Unsure about how to use a cell phone. She tells them she has been attacked and needs help. The group leave. Near the house they get out and split up. They are aware of being watched but find it hard to pinpoint who and where the observers are. Miguel and Carole go along the sidewalk to the front door. Christian and Kevin go through back gardens, they again notice they are being followed.

Both enter the house and look around, eventually Diamond reveals herself and her mother after they identify themselves. The Obfuscate is dropped and the mother has a patch of withered and aged skin on an arm. Christian examines it with his medical knowledge, but doesn’t know what to do. One of the Sabbat touched the arm before Diamond was able to hide.

They leave, with the car at the front door, because Li’l B drove up out of fear of being watched. Three of the Sabbat emerge from some bushes and tell them to be unified, them fire a hail of rounds over their heads. Li’l B leans out of the driver window and shoots at the Sabbat with her pistol hitting one. They leave and go to one of Diamonds safe houses.

Diamond goes into a room and takes things off a wall, gets annoyed when Miguel comes in to ask questions. Kevin has a contact a fortune teller called George whom he calls to get advice. Examination of the mother again doesn’t help. Since she is not a vampire or ghoul, then their isn’t much they can do for her.

In the Valley a suburb house is given for the meeting. The only vampire option to fix the skin is a Tzimisce, to which Diamond objects, since they can’t be trusted. George suggests a skin graft. Then the reading takes place for Kevin, George sees many dark things ahead and then seems to freak out and breaks from the reading. Christian does and aura reading and sees a golden glow. After leaving the room, Li’l B says he has left the
building. They leave and Li’l B pulls her gun to shoot the car as a punishment for George. The others have to talk her down.

Miguel calls drake and gets the name for a back street doctor who deals with illegal migrants. He will treat the wound and bring the mother to hospital. He asks what kind of drugs the mother is on, because she looks out of it. They say none. He doesn’t know about vampires and asks who will look after Diamond. Christian says he is her uncle.

They return to Diamonds house becuase it is to late for them to all get to their havens.


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