Anarchs in LA

Back from the dead pt1

Jane and Miguel are upstairs in the Necronomicon a goth bar on the Sunset strip. Both are waiting to be brought to this months party in Prince Ivans Mansion. They as yet do not know each other as yet. Diamond enters, the talk subsides and the other kindred ignore her, except Miguel, whom she then goes to talk to. Jane listens in, so Diamond invites her to the conversation. Diamond says she is a good friend of prince Ivan.

When the chauffeur comes to collect the next group, Diamond get his attention and jumps the queue. In the limo they talk about the movies and tv, Diamond explains how is a theater she can see the aura, whereas a screen is blank. She also gives a warning not to investigate Prince Ivan, or they will be in trouble. They talk about the Buffy resurrection which is the setting for the games outside.

They meet the prince at the entrance, are given the rules for the party. Charlotte is questioned by the other Nosferatu and shown the tome they have collected on the prince.

Miguel feeds in on the herd in conservatory (angel drug den) overlooking the re-enactment. As he leaves the sound of crying is heard and sees a girl shaking a dead girl. Charlotte enters, then the Butler who summons them to see Prince Ivan in his library.

Prince Ivan accuses them of being guilty, which they deny. He talks about the thriller film genre and the wrongly accused trope. Miguel says he is just a special effects guy. Prince Ivan adds, mismatched couple to the list. He wants to hear a story about how they found the real antagonist.

Outside they talk to the diamond, who claims if they impress him its an opportunity. They ask the Butler about those who came and left. They are taken to question the crying girl.

Back from the dead Pt2

Jane and Miguel, got Drake a former homicide detective to examine the body. He noted the marks left on the neck, which looked very small, maybe not made with teeth. Also the marks on the neck that indicated strangling. They asked if perhaps it could be a little girl. Drake said his gut feeling was something wasn’t right about the it. They asked if the death was strangling or blood loss. Drake said could have been either, need an autopsy to tell.

Jane comforts the victims friend and gets a description. Blonde, spiked hair, bulky body, out of proportion to body.

Miguel talks to another witness in conservatory. Jane goes to look outside,uses auspex to avoid the game. Sees a few suspects dressed in a Spike costume. Finds the chief organiser and asks about the suspect. He claimed to really use about vampires. was sent away. Gets better description.

They meet up and find the guy. Jane changes her form to be like on of the re-enactors in the off game area to the side. She lures the suspect out by playing into his vampire desires. Miguel takes over, who pretends to be a cop by flashing a ‘badge’. Suspect gets suspicious because Miguel doesn’t act like a cop.

On the way back to the house, suspect makes a run and is taken down. They find the blood bags under the overcoat. Meets Prince Ivan and falls to is knees in reverence. Prince Ivan convinces him to impale himself on a spike.

The witness is taken back to her house. The deceased’s possessions are taken away and Diamond asks what memories to give the girl. Jane says to tell her she fell in love and moved out. The PC’s are brought back to transport/haven.

The sleepover
some things just create themselves

Carole Lombard and Miguel characters go on about their lives. News of the party and their involvement has made them the talk of the town. A few days later they are called up to Prince Ivan mansion. He asks them if they have heard of Diamonds sleepover, but doesn’t elaborate. A gangrel teenager called L’il B is lying on the ground at Prince Ivans feet. She was caught sneaking into the grounds of the mansion. Despite this she is angry and defiant. Prince Ivan asks the PC’s if they know about Troy West, which they do. He makes a deal with L’il B that she will tell what she knows in exchange for her freedom. Miguel talks to Troy and explains the situation. Troy says he will accept her and he will get back into contact.

Prince Ivan has a private conversation with Carole, with a childish round about, I know that you know about the mystery that is around me. Basically saying that its worth its for you to bring any information that you have to me. Carole tries to cut the BS, and asks him to just reveal what it is. He says that wouldn’t be fun.

Meanwhile Miguel tries to have a conversation with L’il B, who is arrogant, bitchy and hard to get along with.

They are brought to a residential area, where diamond is having a sleepover with other twelve year old girls. Troy is waiting for L’il B and some others Kindred are around. It turns out that so many are here becuase someone else was here because someone wasn’t sure why Diamond was here. Ben Free and Lady Emily. Later some thinbloods show up as well, who have them talk to Father Jacob.

A cleaning van is delivered, called Diamond cleaning, which they are asked by Prince Ivan to be there in the morning to make sure everything is OK in the house. They have the rest of the night off, but choose to stay there. Prince Ivan’s Chauffeur brings them home in the morning.

Diamonds warm embrace
There is nothing creepy about being friends with a twelve year old girl...... really

At the The Necronomicon Carole Lombard and Miguel are having a drink. Among the vampires at the venue is Garcia and a Tremere in a booth, both trying to mind there own business. A third enters, a new arrival to the city, who goes to the bar.

Diamond arrives and makes a bee line for the new comer. He tells her his name is Knives and she asks is that literal. He opens his black trench coat and shows a collection of over thirty knives. The Tremere across the way sees the knives and goes to warn the Carole and Miguel. Diamond says that its good to have friends to watch your back and see things that you don’t see. She brings the other Brujah into the conversation and shorty after move to the other three.

There conversation about friendship is continued, with arguments ranging from its no fun to have everything do something for you and the benefits of friendship. She invites them to come to the studio where the Thinbloods are making a movie. An indie slacker, teen drama, or something, diamond isn’t very clear.

Diamond’s ‘mother’ is waiting in a car for her in the parking lot. At the studio they see a crude set and many arguments as the Thinbloods try to make the movie. The manager from the show calls take 5 and production stops.

Father Jacob comes over and takes to the PC’s. Knives has a hatred of Thinbloods and argues they are a sign of Gehenna. Father Jacob argues they cannot be the cause of it and wins. Also the Father says he is not involved with the filming, and doesn’t want to be. Knives offers 30K for one of the Thinbloods to hang themselves for real instead of a dummy being used. The details are worked out.

A van comes screeching into the car park and a gang of Sabbat with Haitian cloths and death imagery shoot into the air. They yell out, tell the Italians we are coming for them. Then leave. The PC’s either hide behind their cars or run inside. Inside is a former music studio with recording booths. ?? demands to talk with Father Jacob and they leave for the bar. Knives has parked around the corner, leaving just after the van.

The Thinbloods pack their gear into cars and leave via holes in the fence. Miguel misses the exit and scraps the side of his car off the fence. The cops having ordered him to stop start shooting.

At the bar Father Jacob is questioned, he denies, knowing anything, but is not believed. He asks would they come with him to meet the Giovanni and they agree.

Follow the lead
The bad guys do there thing

Still in the necronomicon Drake ‘suggests’ that Miguel not be driven in in current condition, since there is an APB on the car. Miguel agrees and is informed that he owes Drake a favor. They talk some more and owes a second favor. Drake explains that favors is a way he gets to spread the load of everything he is asked to do. They leave with Father Jacob and Carole Lombard

He gives the keys to Tell-tale for a truck which is waiting in the car park. On the way to the breakers yard they see police sirens. Get a call from Drake, dead body found with bite marks like in the mansion. They change course to around. At the yard Miguel arranges to have the car sprayed and new plates.

On the way down town they see that they are being tailed by a white van. Quickly Miguel and Carole jump out before the van comes around the corner. Then looses the tail and doubles back. In the hotel Miguel goes to reception. They can’t confirm who stays their, but will send up a message.

Three men come down, they are from the Rothstien family. One speaks and is not impressed when told a van followed them. Then tell them the warning, the response is we are not Italian. After the Rothstien gives a warning about coming into their territory unannounced. Miguel isn’t happy at the frosty response.

They head back to the Necronomicon. Brief Drake on what happened. They want to find out more, confirm it is Sabbat who is doing this. Tell-tale has a contact who lives off Mulholland Drive. Red Face confirms that it is the Samhdi clan and tells them rumors about The Harbinger of death person or group who has prompted this change of tactics. Miguel sends the info to drake.

The next night they meet up in the usual place. Miguel, Carole and Tell-tale go back to downtown. They have been told its better to do a deal with the Giovanni instead of free info, for a better response. They go back to hotel where they met the Rothstiens and are followed again and lead them to a false hotel.

A samhdi comes to talk and ask about the warning and gave a new warning, the Harbinger of death. Also that they were part of the plan.

They go the hotel the and get a snotty manager who is being less than helpful. Then the reception phone rings and they are told to wait. Carole uses Obfuscate to use the computer behind reception to find the room number for the Rothstiens. Made deal to exchange more information to read information about the girl who had ‘vampire’ marks. Gives have the information first and then arrange to meet after the morgue.

Two limos arrive at the morgue with armed ghouls. Drake arranges the viewing. He describes the killer from the party.

Diamond's eyes are crying

Carole Lombard, Miguel and [[:christian-blair | Christian Blair]are at the The Necronomicon, discussing previous events.

Outside L’il B arrives with a fellow gangrel Kevin Murray. Thin-bloods outside are protesting at being denied entrance to the club. Kevin stays outside, until he is told he can enter by a bouncer. Upstairs Li’l B introduces Kevin to the group telling him Carole and Miguel are Prince Ivans enforcers. She continues to live up to her name of bitch and is generally insulting to the group.

Miguel and Carole’s phone ring at the same time, the distant voice is Diamonds. Unsure about how to use a cell phone. She tells them she has been attacked and needs help. The group leave. Near the house they get out and split up. They are aware of being watched but find it hard to pinpoint who and where the observers are. Miguel and Carole go along the sidewalk to the front door. Christian and Kevin go through back gardens, they again notice they are being followed.

Both enter the house and look around, eventually Diamond reveals herself and her mother after they identify themselves. The Obfuscate is dropped and the mother has a patch of withered and aged skin on an arm. Christian examines it with his medical knowledge, but doesn’t know what to do. One of the Sabbat touched the arm before Diamond was able to hide.

They leave, with the car at the front door, because Li’l B drove up out of fear of being watched. Three of the Sabbat emerge from some bushes and tell them to be unified, them fire a hail of rounds over their heads. Li’l B leans out of the driver window and shoots at the Sabbat with her pistol hitting one. They leave and go to one of Diamonds safe houses.

Diamond goes into a room and takes things off a wall, gets annoyed when Miguel comes in to ask questions. Kevin has a contact a fortune teller called George whom he calls to get advice. Examination of the mother again doesn’t help. Since she is not a vampire or ghoul, then their isn’t much they can do for her.

In the Valley a suburb house is given for the meeting. The only vampire option to fix the skin is a Tzimisce, to which Diamond objects, since they can’t be trusted. George suggests a skin graft. Then the reading takes place for Kevin, George sees many dark things ahead and then seems to freak out and breaks from the reading. Christian does and aura reading and sees a golden glow. After leaving the room, Li’l B says he has left the
building. They leave and Li’l B pulls her gun to shoot the car as a punishment for George. The others have to talk her down.

Miguel calls drake and gets the name for a back street doctor who deals with illegal migrants. He will treat the wound and bring the mother to hospital. He asks what kind of drugs the mother is on, because she looks out of it. They say none. He doesn’t know about vampires and asks who will look after Diamond. Christian says he is her uncle.

They return to Diamonds house becuase it is to late for them to all get to their havens.

Thin-blood trouble

Carole Lombard, Miguel and Kevin Murray make plans for the evening. Carole arranges to meet the three Nos from the party who asked her to investigate the origins of Prince Ivan. While Kevin and Miguel go to meet an illegal arms trader. Miguel asks about armour. The seller Julian Briggs has bulky kevlar vest, can order special Columbian cloths made from kevlar that offers protection from hand guns. James buys a .45 revolver.

At the Griffith Observatory on a grass verge, over looking the main city Carole meets the three Nos. She reports what has been happening. They are concerned about Diamonds behaviour. They tell her that a place for the party and another to resume filming. The second venue is a cover for the preparations. The gangrel are providing protection for the thin-bloods doing the set up. Some thin-bloods are protesting about bad threatment, others are taking up the sense of responsibility. While some full bloods wants to stop the movement and go back to killing them off. The Sabbat behaviour is concerning the Nos as its strategic and political, very unlike Sabbat typical behaviour. Also tells she that Drake is pissed off at Miguel for not telling him about the gunfire.

Drake calls Miguel and asks him about the previous nights events and then asks about the gunfire. Miguel remembers that he didn’t mention that parts and says to much was happening. Drake gives him a task, that would have worked off one of his favours, but since he wasn’t told and had to cover up the events without knowing the full story. The thinbloods have warned about a group who are a threat.

They bring back Diamonds car. Get a cab down to the address in South central, meanwhile Caroles servant is sent to collect Miguels car. Outside the house in a run down area, a party is happening. Music and lights are a contrast to the otherwise quiet area. They go to enter the house…

Are you cops?
Ignorance is bliss

They walk into the house and get the attention of the party goers because they stand out, ie they don’t look like drug addicts. Its hard to tell who is a thin blood and who is an addict or who is both from looks alone. They are asked if they want to buy drugs which they reply no. They are asked if they are cops, they deny that. They still don’t want to get involved, so someone yells cops.

Three armed men come out the room at the end of the corridor and Miguel dives into a side room. They get very aggressive and demand he comes out. They are on the verge of shooting them. Miguel comes out. They ask lots more questions including, are you cops?

They are taken to see the king who sits on a throne. They have a long conversation and again they are asked, are they cops. They are getting a bit annoyed at the question this time. He is arrogant, cocky and feels like he is king of the hill. With these powers and the help from the master they will take over the neighborhood. They don’t know anything about vampires and believes that his street smarts are no match for this master.
A girl awakens beside the throne, she is an albino and issues prophesies about vampires. Says they are friends with the old girl who blurs the lines between worlds. The kings master has a holy shadow on his back. He says he doesn’t know any priest vampire. The PC’s try to warn him of the dangers, but he pays them no heed.

They leave, see a humvee drive up the street with vampires. George ‘the beast’ Eastman tells them he wants to kill all thin-bloods. Its time to put aside talking among the vampires and take action. He has an assault rifle. Beside him is another vampire, a female with black hair, who doesn’t identify herself. He says their are more vampires on the way.

Drake is called who pulls a favor with a cop he knows, also calls Red Face. The woman in the car gets out, goes behind the houses to scout the gang house. Carole Lombard uses her obfuscation and watches her.

The cops arrive, one young one old. The young one is nervous because they are not on duty. The old cops knocks on the door, tells them to keep the sound down and they the two leave in a hurry. The humvee has gone down another street to wait for backup. As the PC’s leave they see a vampire whom they presume to be Red Face talking to them.

UnLife goes on

The three meet are collected by Carole’s servant who collected Miguels car. They talk about confronting Father Jacob, but they don’t know what to say to him.

Diamond calls Christian to ask his advice. Her parents don’t want to talk to her. Social services have been contacted. Yes she can just wipe memories to solve the problem. She doesn’t want to do what she did in the past. Christian says that papers can be faked. He sounds knowledgeable and so is asked to help. He says that he knows generally, but not the specifics. He says he will help, not wanting to risk saying no. They drive to the parents house, Christian sends a text to Miguel asking for help. Miguel asks for details and refuses when he gets more info. Christian then reminds Diamond its 4 in the morning, now would not be a good time to visit. They turn around.

The three others have gone to the new shooting location and abandoned shopping mall and bowling center. Half the thin-bloods are here the other half are preparing the party. They talk to the producer whom they know from the Prince Ivans party. They haven’t had contact with them, he asks them to contact him if they see them. He also asks if the other vampire with the money is still around.

Miguel helps with the technical end. Carole helps with the acting. Miguel gets a call that the studio has burned down, where they were first filming. It could be a threat. Kevin gets a part in the film, beating up the protagonist in a dark alley. e has to do it a second time, this time with more violence.

The texts from Christian come.

The crew stop filming and Kevin Murray stays the night in the place. The thin-bloods leave for somewhere safer.

The group meets up in the necronomicon. They exchange news. Drake is sent the news as well. The prince calls asks them to go to a rehearsal for the party in two nights time. He describes it as a big cathartic moment for the vampires. The PC’s wonder if the Prince is being played? If this is in fact a big trap.

The Beast and crew comes in. Miguel gets his attention and advices him to be smart and subtle, the beast just wants to wipe them out and replies in a sneering way. After a verbal spar they break off.

Bad news ping pong

Still at the bar, Carole Lombard, [[:miguel | Miguel] and Kevin Murray finish up their meeting with Drake. They notice that the woman seen with ‘the Beast’ is not with the group in the bar. Some patrons are leaving while the group is being rowdy. They go over options on what to do next. They talk about dealing with the cop/hunter and drawing him out, would need something big. Or set them up to clash with ‘the Beast’. Decide to follow up on the names Carole received from Li’l B. From the notes they see that ones address is in Beverly Hills, is a shop on Hollywood Blvd and a private residence.

At the shop they realize they have no experience in breaking and entering. They then go to the residential area. Carole goes to the house and talks to a suspicious man by claiming his name was passed on by a mutual friend and that she wants to get advice in finding a poster for her sisters birthday. Eventually he comes outside to talk, he says that the description and the vampire film information sounds familiar. He will look it up. Could be from a studio that burned down. One of many small studios that were around at the time. Also mentions an aggressive woman came to talk a few days earlier, asking similar questions. Carole expresses shock.

He takes a look at her again and says that he see a resemblance to a the film star Carole Lombard. Carole expresses shock and surprise. He takes out a camera, she covers her face. She asks to do her hair in the bathroom, in there she slightly alters appearance.

In the car Miguels phone rings, a thin-blood passes on a message from Fr.Jacob. An archon from the Camerilla has been seen with the full blood group. She is described as a black haired woman.

Carole comes back, they exchange information, Carole asks if he has called Drake, he says he plans to, pauses, sighs, makes the phone call. They discuss what it could mean, possibly a wedge is being driven through the Anarchs. Miguel asks if Drake has any bad news, he doesn’t.

The film nerd, emerges from his house and past the car walking. Carole follows. Around a corner sees Li’l B confronting the guy. He tries to get away so Li’l B jumps him. Carole calls Miguel. The car comes around and they see her arm around the guy. Miguel tells her to get in the car, she refuses. Kevin gets out and grabs her jacket. Li’l B does a hand chop at his elbows, breaks the hold and the guy runs away. The two fight, no one gets the upper hand. Carole follows the nerd. James pulls his gun and shoots Li’l B in the leg. Then tells her to get in the car. She grudgingly does.

Carole runs along the gardens and obfuscated. He hears the gunshot, runs faster, stops, panting, hears the sound of being followed and runs again. Then trips and falls. Pats himself down and notices that something is missing, walks on.

Back in the car Carole tries to convince Li’l B to play nice, but she remains belligerent. Claiming by her standards she played nice. After some talking Carole shares her information and then Li’l B says the shop has a fire safe upstairs with the owners personal collection. Then she hands a note found on the nerd which has a list of names. The first is Gustav Schrodinger and then some others.

They head back to Carole’s haven, she plans on doing more research online. They discuss what might be going on, a pattern is emerging. This could be a plot from the Camerilla to split the Anarchs down the middle. With the archon and someone else on the otherside brewing up tension. Miguel first thought it might be Fr. Jacob, but changed his mind after the revelations.

Drake calls, revising his statement about not having bad news. A major fire has broken out in the area at the sabbat address given by Red Face. Now they question whose side he is on. There is only a handful of people they can trust. Drake says they need a PR victory to give vampires something to stand behind, since most are staying out of trouble, Miguel agrees.

Near the house Diamond calls Carole. She is beside herself, the King of the night has called her to say he kidnapped the girl from the party. Carole tries to convince her to stay at home, but she breaks down again and walks away from the phone.

Miguel calls Drake, joking about the bad news ping-pong. He will call around and get help.


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