Anarchs in LA

Diamonds warm embrace
There is nothing creepy about being friends with a twelve year old girl...... really

At the The Necronomicon Carole Lombard and Miguel are having a drink. Among the vampires at the venue is Garcia and a Tremere in a booth, both trying to mind there own business. A third enters, a new arrival to the city, who goes to the bar.

Diamond arrives and makes a bee line for the new comer. He tells her his name is Knives and she asks is that literal. He opens his black trench coat and shows a collection of over thirty knives. The Tremere across the way sees the knives and goes to warn the Carole and Miguel. Diamond says that its good to have friends to watch your back and see things that you don’t see. She brings the other Brujah into the conversation and shorty after move to the other three.

There conversation about friendship is continued, with arguments ranging from its no fun to have everything do something for you and the benefits of friendship. She invites them to come to the studio where the Thinbloods are making a movie. An indie slacker, teen drama, or something, diamond isn’t very clear.

Diamond’s ‘mother’ is waiting in a car for her in the parking lot. At the studio they see a crude set and many arguments as the Thinbloods try to make the movie. The manager from the show calls take 5 and production stops.

Father Jacob comes over and takes to the PC’s. Knives has a hatred of Thinbloods and argues they are a sign of Gehenna. Father Jacob argues they cannot be the cause of it and wins. Also the Father says he is not involved with the filming, and doesn’t want to be. Knives offers 30K for one of the Thinbloods to hang themselves for real instead of a dummy being used. The details are worked out.

A van comes screeching into the car park and a gang of Sabbat with Haitian cloths and death imagery shoot into the air. They yell out, tell the Italians we are coming for them. Then leave. The PC’s either hide behind their cars or run inside. Inside is a former music studio with recording booths. ?? demands to talk with Father Jacob and they leave for the bar. Knives has parked around the corner, leaving just after the van.

The Thinbloods pack their gear into cars and leave via holes in the fence. Miguel misses the exit and scraps the side of his car off the fence. The cops having ordered him to stop start shooting.

At the bar Father Jacob is questioned, he denies, knowing anything, but is not believed. He asks would they come with him to meet the Giovanni and they agree.

The sleepover
some things just create themselves

Carole Lombard and Miguel characters go on about their lives. News of the party and their involvement has made them the talk of the town. A few days later they are called up to Prince Ivan mansion. He asks them if they have heard of Diamonds sleepover, but doesn’t elaborate. A gangrel teenager called L’il B is lying on the ground at Prince Ivans feet. She was caught sneaking into the grounds of the mansion. Despite this she is angry and defiant. Prince Ivan asks the PC’s if they know about Troy West, which they do. He makes a deal with L’il B that she will tell what she knows in exchange for her freedom. Miguel talks to Troy and explains the situation. Troy says he will accept her and he will get back into contact.

Prince Ivan has a private conversation with Carole, with a childish round about, I know that you know about the mystery that is around me. Basically saying that its worth its for you to bring any information that you have to me. Carole tries to cut the BS, and asks him to just reveal what it is. He says that wouldn’t be fun.

Meanwhile Miguel tries to have a conversation with L’il B, who is arrogant, bitchy and hard to get along with.

They are brought to a residential area, where diamond is having a sleepover with other twelve year old girls. Troy is waiting for L’il B and some others Kindred are around. It turns out that so many are here becuase someone else was here because someone wasn’t sure why Diamond was here. Ben Free and Lady Emily. Later some thinbloods show up as well, who have them talk to Father Jacob.

A cleaning van is delivered, called Diamond cleaning, which they are asked by Prince Ivan to be there in the morning to make sure everything is OK in the house. They have the rest of the night off, but choose to stay there. Prince Ivan’s Chauffeur brings them home in the morning.

Back from the dead Pt2

Jane and Miguel, got Drake a former homicide detective to examine the body. He noted the marks left on the neck, which looked very small, maybe not made with teeth. Also the marks on the neck that indicated strangling. They asked if perhaps it could be a little girl. Drake said his gut feeling was something wasn’t right about the it. They asked if the death was strangling or blood loss. Drake said could have been either, need an autopsy to tell.

Jane comforts the victims friend and gets a description. Blonde, spiked hair, bulky body, out of proportion to body.

Miguel talks to another witness in conservatory. Jane goes to look outside,uses auspex to avoid the game. Sees a few suspects dressed in a Spike costume. Finds the chief organiser and asks about the suspect. He claimed to really use about vampires. was sent away. Gets better description.

They meet up and find the guy. Jane changes her form to be like on of the re-enactors in the off game area to the side. She lures the suspect out by playing into his vampire desires. Miguel takes over, who pretends to be a cop by flashing a ‘badge’. Suspect gets suspicious because Miguel doesn’t act like a cop.

On the way back to the house, suspect makes a run and is taken down. They find the blood bags under the overcoat. Meets Prince Ivan and falls to is knees in reverence. Prince Ivan convinces him to impale himself on a spike.

The witness is taken back to her house. The deceased’s possessions are taken away and Diamond asks what memories to give the girl. Jane says to tell her she fell in love and moved out. The PC’s are brought back to transport/haven.

Back from the dead pt1

Jane and Miguel are upstairs in the Necronomicon a goth bar on the Sunset strip. Both are waiting to be brought to this months party in Prince Ivans Mansion. They as yet do not know each other as yet. Diamond enters, the talk subsides and the other kindred ignore her, except Miguel, whom she then goes to talk to. Jane listens in, so Diamond invites her to the conversation. Diamond says she is a good friend of prince Ivan.

When the chauffeur comes to collect the next group, Diamond get his attention and jumps the queue. In the limo they talk about the movies and tv, Diamond explains how is a theater she can see the aura, whereas a screen is blank. She also gives a warning not to investigate Prince Ivan, or they will be in trouble. They talk about the Buffy resurrection which is the setting for the games outside.

They meet the prince at the entrance, are given the rules for the party. Charlotte is questioned by the other Nosferatu and shown the tome they have collected on the prince.

Miguel feeds in on the herd in conservatory (angel drug den) overlooking the re-enactment. As he leaves the sound of crying is heard and sees a girl shaking a dead girl. Charlotte enters, then the Butler who summons them to see Prince Ivan in his library.

Prince Ivan accuses them of being guilty, which they deny. He talks about the thriller film genre and the wrongly accused trope. Miguel says he is just a special effects guy. Prince Ivan adds, mismatched couple to the list. He wants to hear a story about how they found the real antagonist.

Outside they talk to the diamond, who claims if they impress him its an opportunity. They ask the Butler about those who came and left. They are taken to question the crying girl.


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