Prince Ivan

Malkavian who embrases the film cliches of being a vampire with a flourish from his cape, as he strides around his home in the hollywood hills.


His personality
The history of Prince Ivan are shrouded in mystery. His very persona is tied to drama of Hollywood and the movie industry. While most vampires move away from human culture due to their changed nature, Prince Ivan absorbs human nature through the lens of the screen and filtrate’s it through his malkavian mind.

His name
Now that his house is effectively and Elysium and Prince is part of his name, many are quick to say it is not a title. Calling him Prince, or the ‘The Prince’ is likely to cause offence at best. No one asks him is it a name or a title, if all the vampires treat it as a name, then, thats what it is. Authority only has power if you give it power, man.

Prince Ivan

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