Anarchs in LA

Thin-blood trouble

Carole Lombard, Miguel and Kevin Murray make plans for the evening. Carole arranges to meet the three Nos from the party who asked her to investigate the origins of Prince Ivan. While Kevin and Miguel go to meet an illegal arms trader. Miguel asks about armour. The seller Julian Briggs has bulky kevlar vest, can order special Columbian cloths made from kevlar that offers protection from hand guns. James buys a .45 revolver.

At the Griffith Observatory on a grass verge, over looking the main city Carole meets the three Nos. She reports what has been happening. They are concerned about Diamonds behaviour. They tell her that a place for the party and another to resume filming. The second venue is a cover for the preparations. The gangrel are providing protection for the thin-bloods doing the set up. Some thin-bloods are protesting about bad threatment, others are taking up the sense of responsibility. While some full bloods wants to stop the movement and go back to killing them off. The Sabbat behaviour is concerning the Nos as its strategic and political, very unlike Sabbat typical behaviour. Also tells she that Drake is pissed off at Miguel for not telling him about the gunfire.

Drake calls Miguel and asks him about the previous nights events and then asks about the gunfire. Miguel remembers that he didn’t mention that parts and says to much was happening. Drake gives him a task, that would have worked off one of his favours, but since he wasn’t told and had to cover up the events without knowing the full story. The thinbloods have warned about a group who are a threat.

They bring back Diamonds car. Get a cab down to the address in South central, meanwhile Caroles servant is sent to collect Miguels car. Outside the house in a run down area, a party is happening. Music and lights are a contrast to the otherwise quiet area. They go to enter the house…


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