Anarchs in LA

The showdown part one

Carole Lombard, Kevin Murray, Miguel and L’il B head down in the valley, to the house where the party girl lives. They park across the road and try to determine if Diamond had arrived yet. Their are light on but the curtains are closed.

Carole goes to the front door and knocks. She is taken in by the King and brought to the kitchen where she meets Diamond and the girl. The kitchen is in two sections. The first is the cooking area and the dining area which is separated by a breakfast bar. Diamond is on the inside, while the girl is hiding under the dinning table.

Diamond is sweating blood and is shaking slightly. The king demands that he be treated with respect and he has kidnapped these them to show he is not a person to be messed with. He demands Carole call the prince to so that a deal can be worked out. She gets out her phone and calls drake, briefs him as best she can and hands the phone over. She then talks to Diamond who doesn’t seem to be aware of what is happening to her. The King is satisfied with what he is being told. He then asks Carole if she came alone. While what she says sounds true, he sends out two men to have a look around. One has a pistol, the other an Uzi. Meanwhile the King sends gets a call, he tells them to come in.

Outside Miguel and James are hiding behind their car and Li’l B is in a garden hidden in shadow. The two are spotted by the patrol and Miguel throws up an illusion of five other vampires with guns. One falls for it and fires the other doesn’t and warns his companion. Uzi guy gets shot by all three, so the other goes behind him, props him up as cover, grabs his uzi and unleashes a full clip. Miguel suffers two minor wounds. He then dives to avoid return fire and uses celerity to race back to the house.

The three go into the garden from the side to spy on the house. While in the back they hear people coming from the garden behind this one. They let them come over and see Diamonds parents come over, with a thinblood in front and behind. Who go into the house.

Diamond freaks out that her parents are here and her condition becomes worse. The father gets the king to hand over a bottle of whiskey and they sit with the girl and share the drink.

The three outside hear sounds in the back and find Father Jacob with a thinblood hiding. He claims he is here to warn them he doesn’t represent these thinbloods and just came here to talk. Miguel tells him to talk to the King, but Father Jacob ignores that.

Inside Diamond swells up, clutching herself she turns into a blob and falls to the ground with a squishy splat. Soon after the guard at the front notices that the outside street cannot be seen anymore and after that others notice they no longer have cell phone signal. Third eye the girl with insight says that they have entered the in between place that Diamond had been on the edge of. Like going across the river Styx. What was on the other side was unknown. The king orders a retreat to escape from the place.

Outside the three follow in behind and find the oozing blob and smell the dark fetid blood that leaks from it. They go around the side and tell Father Jacob what is happening. He says it feel more like a mages work than a vampires. The three then go around to confront the gang. Two are sent to get Father Jacob and his bodyguard. They come back with Father Jacob who is recognized as the Master who has been guiding the King. Miguel questions Father Jacob who gives his standard answer about giving aid to to the thinblood so they can secure there future.

The master takes control and orders the three to get out of their sight, out gunned they obey.


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