Anarchs in LA

Diamond's eyes are crying

Carole Lombard, Miguel and [[:christian-blair | Christian Blair]are at the The Necronomicon, discussing previous events.

Outside L’il B arrives with a fellow gangrel Kevin Murray. Thin-bloods outside are protesting at being denied entrance to the club. Kevin stays outside, until he is told he can enter by a bouncer. Upstairs Li’l B introduces Kevin to the group telling him Carole and Miguel are Prince Ivans enforcers. She continues to live up to her name of bitch and is generally insulting to the group.

Miguel and Carole’s phone ring at the same time, the distant voice is Diamonds. Unsure about how to use a cell phone. She tells them she has been attacked and needs help. The group leave. Near the house they get out and split up. They are aware of being watched but find it hard to pinpoint who and where the observers are. Miguel and Carole go along the sidewalk to the front door. Christian and Kevin go through back gardens, they again notice they are being followed.

Both enter the house and look around, eventually Diamond reveals herself and her mother after they identify themselves. The Obfuscate is dropped and the mother has a patch of withered and aged skin on an arm. Christian examines it with his medical knowledge, but doesn’t know what to do. One of the Sabbat touched the arm before Diamond was able to hide.

They leave, with the car at the front door, because Li’l B drove up out of fear of being watched. Three of the Sabbat emerge from some bushes and tell them to be unified, them fire a hail of rounds over their heads. Li’l B leans out of the driver window and shoots at the Sabbat with her pistol hitting one. They leave and go to one of Diamonds safe houses.

Diamond goes into a room and takes things off a wall, gets annoyed when Miguel comes in to ask questions. Kevin has a contact a fortune teller called George whom he calls to get advice. Examination of the mother again doesn’t help. Since she is not a vampire or ghoul, then their isn’t much they can do for her.

In the Valley a suburb house is given for the meeting. The only vampire option to fix the skin is a Tzimisce, to which Diamond objects, since they can’t be trusted. George suggests a skin graft. Then the reading takes place for Kevin, George sees many dark things ahead and then seems to freak out and breaks from the reading. Christian does and aura reading and sees a golden glow. After leaving the room, Li’l B says he has left the
building. They leave and Li’l B pulls her gun to shoot the car as a punishment for George. The others have to talk her down.

Miguel calls drake and gets the name for a back street doctor who deals with illegal migrants. He will treat the wound and bring the mother to hospital. He asks what kind of drugs the mother is on, because she looks out of it. They say none. He doesn’t know about vampires and asks who will look after Diamond. Christian says he is her uncle.

They return to Diamonds house becuase it is to late for them to all get to their havens.


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