Anarchs in LA

Bad news ping pong

Still at the bar, Carole Lombard, [[:miguel | Miguel] and Kevin Murray finish up their meeting with Drake. They notice that the woman seen with ‘the Beast’ is not with the group in the bar. Some patrons are leaving while the group is being rowdy. They go over options on what to do next. They talk about dealing with the cop/hunter and drawing him out, would need something big. Or set them up to clash with ‘the Beast’. Decide to follow up on the names Carole received from Li’l B. From the notes they see that ones address is in Beverly Hills, is a shop on Hollywood Blvd and a private residence.

At the shop they realize they have no experience in breaking and entering. They then go to the residential area. Carole goes to the house and talks to a suspicious man by claiming his name was passed on by a mutual friend and that she wants to get advice in finding a poster for her sisters birthday. Eventually he comes outside to talk, he says that the description and the vampire film information sounds familiar. He will look it up. Could be from a studio that burned down. One of many small studios that were around at the time. Also mentions an aggressive woman came to talk a few days earlier, asking similar questions. Carole expresses shock.

He takes a look at her again and says that he see a resemblance to a the film star Carole Lombard. Carole expresses shock and surprise. He takes out a camera, she covers her face. She asks to do her hair in the bathroom, in there she slightly alters appearance.

In the car Miguels phone rings, a thin-blood passes on a message from Fr.Jacob. An archon from the Camerilla has been seen with the full blood group. She is described as a black haired woman.

Carole comes back, they exchange information, Carole asks if he has called Drake, he says he plans to, pauses, sighs, makes the phone call. They discuss what it could mean, possibly a wedge is being driven through the Anarchs. Miguel asks if Drake has any bad news, he doesn’t.

The film nerd, emerges from his house and past the car walking. Carole follows. Around a corner sees Li’l B confronting the guy. He tries to get away so Li’l B jumps him. Carole calls Miguel. The car comes around and they see her arm around the guy. Miguel tells her to get in the car, she refuses. Kevin gets out and grabs her jacket. Li’l B does a hand chop at his elbows, breaks the hold and the guy runs away. The two fight, no one gets the upper hand. Carole follows the nerd. James pulls his gun and shoots Li’l B in the leg. Then tells her to get in the car. She grudgingly does.

Carole runs along the gardens and obfuscated. He hears the gunshot, runs faster, stops, panting, hears the sound of being followed and runs again. Then trips and falls. Pats himself down and notices that something is missing, walks on.

Back in the car Carole tries to convince Li’l B to play nice, but she remains belligerent. Claiming by her standards she played nice. After some talking Carole shares her information and then Li’l B says the shop has a fire safe upstairs with the owners personal collection. Then she hands a note found on the nerd which has a list of names. The first is Gustav Schrodinger and then some others.

They head back to Carole’s haven, she plans on doing more research online. They discuss what might be going on, a pattern is emerging. This could be a plot from the Camerilla to split the Anarchs down the middle. With the archon and someone else on the otherside brewing up tension. Miguel first thought it might be Fr. Jacob, but changed his mind after the revelations.

Drake calls, revising his statement about not having bad news. A major fire has broken out in the area at the sabbat address given by Red Face. Now they question whose side he is on. There is only a handful of people they can trust. Drake says they need a PR victory to give vampires something to stand behind, since most are staying out of trouble, Miguel agrees.

Near the house Diamond calls Carole. She is beside herself, the King of the night has called her to say he kidnapped the girl from the party. Carole tries to convince her to stay at home, but she breaks down again and walks away from the phone.

Miguel calls Drake, joking about the bad news ping-pong. He will call around and get help.


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